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About Me

I’m Lea.

I’m a wife.  A mom.  A daughter.  A sister.  A best friend.

I’m a hopeless housekeeper who’d rather spend four hours designing a header for a blog that no one will probably ever read than try to figure out what’s for dinner.

I’m the mom who can’t make a lowfat fruit dip for the Halloween party at school without spending a hour searching for recipes on the internet and making at least three trips to the grocery store.

I like crafts, love power tools, and am completely inept at organizing anything.

But these guys inspire me to keep trying…

The guy with the amazing blue eyes is Brad…aka The Hubster…also affectionately known as The Great White Hunter. He’s definitely an outdoorsman…hunting, fishing, grunting, throwing rocks. I don’t pretend to understand or share his passions, but over the last dozen years we’ve been up, we’ve been down, and we’ve been everywhere in between. And although he drives me bat shit, I can’t imagine my life without him.

The kids…well, they’re ours, too.  I know…I know. Hard to believe. My dad still can’t figure out how two homely people had two adorable children.

Jacob (nicknamed Mr. Video because of his adoration of all things with an A button) is almost 10. He’s got the biggest, sweetest, kindest heart (except when it comes to his younger sister), and a laugh that’s more contagious than the common cold. I’m not sure exactly what the good Lord was thinking when He sent this amazing kid into our lives (he deserves much better parents), though I suspect it was to disarm us and make us believe that a second child wouldn’t be more challenge than we could handle.

Little did we know…

That not-so-big-challenge (yeah, right!) turned out to be our daughter Jordan. She’s five but wants to be twenty-five. She wants to know when she’s going to grow “boobies” and when she’s going to meet the man she’s going to marry. She’s a party looking for a place to happen. She’s got more nicknames than Imelda Marcos had shoes, but my favorite and the one I call her most often is LuLu. Unlike Jacob, I know exactly why the Lord sent her to us…as a reward to my parents who somehow managed to survive my rather wild and misspent youth. She’s a miniature version of me…a fact that both amuses and terrifies her father.  I simply adore her…every single challenging cell of her.

These guys are the reason I breathe, and despite the many many “I’m going to kill someone” moments that occur every day, I know how incredibly blessed I am.

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