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Happy July 5th!

July 5, 2011

Those that know me know I’m nearly almost always late.

I once commented to my sister that the only thing I’d ever be on time for would be my funeral and that would be because someone else would be responsible for getting me there.

She dryly replied, “No. Knowing you, you’ll die in some foreign country and the plane bringing your body back will be late.”

More likely the hearse will get a flat ‘cuz I don’t see any foreign travel in my future.

Shoot, I can’t even afford new wicker chairs.

But anyway…

I’d intended to get a July 4th post together, but The Hubster had other plans for my weekend.

As I was wrapping up Dreamin’ in Color Saturday morning, my cell phone rang. It was The Hubster.

No “Hey, honey, what’cha up to?”

No “Hey, honey, how’s about we go out to eat?”

Instead the first thing he asked was, “How quickly can you pack you and the kids?”

Immediately I’m worrying.

Is someone sick? Is someone dead? Are we going into the witness protection program?

Nope…it’s worse.

He’s planned a spur of the moment family get-away.

Now I’m not a spontaneous “let’s take off right now” kind of person.

I’m a list maker. I’m a map finder. I’m a let’s-make-sure-the-house-is-clean-before-we-go type of person.

So the idea of taking off unexpectedly…on a holiday weekend no less!…left me slightly less than thrilled.

I’ve been here with him. I’ve done this with him. I’ve slept in the car in a Wal-Mart parking lot with him because there were no hotel rooms available in a 150-mile radius one Memorial Day weekend. (That was before the kids came along, thank heavens!)

And because of this history, I initially resisted.

“Do you know what I-40 looks like on a 4th of July weekend?” I asked.

“Did you book a hotel room?” I asked.

Once I  knew that the children and I had a guaranteed place to lay our heads at the end of the day, I relented.

So off we went.

I’ll share the tale of our high adventures if the photo lab can rescue the film from this camera…

…which during the course of our spontaneous family adventure ended up three feet under water.

Never ever take your digital camera or cell phone on one of our spontaneous weekends…it will lead to heartbreak.

Camera issues notwithstanding, we had an excellent, if exhausting, 4th of July.

I hope you and yours did as well.

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