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Medieval Torture

June 29, 2011

Ya’ll know I’m po’

And I’m cool with that.

It means I get really really excited when I find stuff like Buy One Get One sales at my favorite local nursery.

So yesterday, in addition to my Bon Jovi fern and red geraniums, I also came home with a couple plants I intended to put into some pretty hanging baskets I remembered were in the shed.

Obviously my memory’s not as good as it once was. The baskets weren’t quite as pretty as I recalled…

Rusted chains…

Ragged coconut fiber liners…

(This liner looks amazing compared to the other one…)

The chains were easy enough to take care of…

…with cheap (like 96 cents a can cheap) spray paint that I’d picked up for my failed wicker chair repair project. The process created something eerily reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition on my back porch…

(What is it about taking photos for blog posts that makes me realize how desperate for TLC my porch is?)

It’s amazing what a little paint and a few plants will do…

Totally worth having a medieval torture device hanging from a ceiling fan.


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