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Lessons Learned

June 29, 2011

The universe might have woken me from my wicker dreams with an unpleasant taste of reality, but my ADD was determined to do something to accessorize the too plain porch-in-progress.

So I picked up a Jon-Bon-Jovi-1980’s-hair shaped fern…

And some my-favorite-color-red geraniums…

…in so-not-my-favorite-color-terracotta plastic pots.

(Excuse the bad pic…I’m a not a photographer, I’m a picture-taker. And the only thing worse than one of my pictures is one of my pictures taken during a brief lull in a serious thunderstorm.)

I was so not in love with the pots, I decided to try painting them.

A trip out to the shed revealed an ugly truth.

I am boring.

My spray paint collection consisted of brown, black, white, and more brown, black, and white. There was one can of lavender, left over from a project for Lulu’s room, and there was one can of green.

For lack of another choice, I grabbed the green.

After carefully removing the geranium and placing it into a temporary holding container, I used a Scotch-Brite pad and a solution of water, dish soap, and a 1/4 cup of ammonia to scrub the pot clean.

The Krylon website recommends wiping down new plastic with paint thinner, but I have a serious aversion to paint thinner and figured the pot wasn’t “new” since it had been sitting out at the nursery so I skipped that part.

Yeah, I know…it’s weird that I hate paint thinner but don’t mind a cleaning product that can produce poisonous gas if mixed with bleach…but you knew I had issues already, right?

After drying the pot thoroughly, I sprayed it with a liberal coat of this stuff…

And then coated it with my green Krylon.

A couple hours later…

I learned a few things from this experience. One…I need a wider variety of color in my spray paint stash. Two…I need some Krylon Fusion for Plastic so I can skip the primer next time. Three…I need to make sure there’s enough paint in my stash to do both pots.

Yeah…after all the running around in the rain and spray painting on the screened-in back porch (which The Hubster hates but he wasn’t here so what he doesn’t know won’t bug him)…I still have an I-just-don’t-like-you-terracotta-color plastic pot.


Spray paint aisle…here I come!

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