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Big Behind, Skinny Wallet

June 28, 2011

Have you ever taken the kids shopping and five minutes into the trip you weren’t sure who to kill first…them or yourself?

Yeah…me, too.

After my wicker fix-up failure Saturday morning, and after a trip to the pool with the kids, I decided it was the perfect time to check out the huge wicker selection at Carolina Pottery.

It’s not a bad drive…especially with both kids zonked out in the back seat, exhausted from their extreme pool play.

If I were a smarter woman I’d have recognized the snoring as a warning sign…sorta like the red sky dawn you see before the storm of the century rips your roof off.

Mr. Whine caught up with the kids before we were even out of the car. I’m hungry. He tagged along as they walked across the parking lot. My feet hurt.  He trailed them into the store. I want Daddy. He dogged every dragging step they took through the hundreds of gorgeous wicker offerings. I want to go home. 

Within twenty minutes he was all over me, too.

But that’s what happens when you find the chair that perfectly fits your fat behind but not your skinny wallet.

While the chairs I found at Carolina weren’t quite as snazzy as this one I’ve been lusting over from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, they also didn’t have that super snazzy price tag.

But no matter how comfy, how cozy, how lovely those ebony wicker chairs …I couldn’t justify nearly eight hundred dollars for two chairs. No matter how hard I tried.

And I really really really tried.

So I’m still working on Plan B.

And after a few hours of moping, whining and complaining that I didn’t find the perfect chairs marked down to twenty bucks per pair, I’ve reached the point of acceptance.

I knew my ADD was running amok.

Apparently the universe did, too.

So…back to painting. And trim.


I hate it when the universe knows what’s best for me.

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