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Pink and Green

June 25, 2011

Today I am green.

If I were any greener Kermit the Frog would call to ask for beauty advice.

The cause of my green-ness?

Centsational Girl’s new patio cabana.

Totally, completely drool worthy.

She’s lucky she lives so dang far from me.

Otherwise I’d have to rent a U-Haul and make a very quiet and late night visit to her neighborhood.

When I imagine glasses of sangria and starry nights…the smell of chicken marinated with rosemary and lime slowly roasting on the grill…the laughter of friends…crickets and cicadas chirping a summer song…I go all tickled pink for her.

And yet…there’s that green-ness.

I look like I’m rushing Alpha Kappa Alpha.

It doesn’t help that there’s a particular pergola I’ve lusted over since Betty White was in diapers…

Photos like this are the root of my love/hate relationship with Lowe’s Creative Ideas. And if you’re the only person in the industrialized world who doesn’t get this free magazine, click on the photo to get details about this I-Love-You-More-Than-Chocolate outdoor space.

Barring winning the lottery, this Allen+Roth pergola isn’t in my foreseeable future.

And since I’m still in the middle of a front porch project…and since I’m so broke I can’t afford the “or” in “poor” (I’m just po’, people) …I’m having to make up and make do.

Lucky for me…I like making up and making do.

And it was past time for my wicker rocker to get a little R&R (refreshing & refurbishing)…

Yeah, I know. It’s a hot mess.

And it has a twin. One equally messy and equally hot.

These beauties were part of the package that came with The Hubster, so they’ve seen quite a few suns and storms over the last thirteen years. And they’ve been subjected to some rather undignified spring spruce ups at the hands of Mr. Video. For some reason I happen to hold the misconception that old clothes+spray paint=appropriate outdoor activity for a fourth grader. (Bet you’re reconsidering that nomination for Parent of the Year now, aren’t ya’?)

And yeah…I know I’ve still got porch work to be done. I know I haven’t installed the trim detail around the posts or put in the lattice. I know the front door needs to be painted…yada yada yada.

Welcome to my world of self-diagnosed ADD.

Today the ADD decided wicker was on the agenda.

I spent two hours with a bottle of Gorilla Glue (love that stuff!) and Liquid Nails for Wood (another favorite of mine)…

…attempting to reattach the loose pieces of wicker to the back and the legs of the chairs.

Some of the pieces crumbled in my hand, and some gave me some measure of success…

When I moved onto the seat my repair attempt came to a sudden and nasty halt.

See that hole? While trying to push one of the the wicker pieces into place, my thumb went completely through.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the amount of pressure my behind would apply to the chair is slightly more than that of my thumb.

So much for today’s scheduled R&R.

On to Plan B.

I’ll let you know what that is when I figure it out.

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