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Sneak Attacks and Dive Bombing

June 14, 2011

Okay. So what I’m wondering is this…

Was using an entire can of wasp spray to get rid of the hoard of insects behind my shutter a little over kill? (No pun intended…really!)

When I finally mustered up the nerve to face my front porch again, I grabbed a brand new previously unopened can of this stuff, took a deep breath and let it fly.

And the moment the wasps (or hornets or whatever the heck they were) starting swarming out over the top of the shutter, they began dropping like…well…like wasps that had been sprayed with an entire bottle of Spectracide.

Mr. Video would have yelled, “Cool!”

Lulu would have shrieked and ran like I did earlier today.

I just stood my ground and shot spray until my can was empty.

Afterwards I hit the siding with a good dose of water from the hose to prevent any staining that might occur, and I got down to the business of today…

…priming the rim joists.

I had this primer left over from another project, and since I prefer oil based products for exterior projects I decided I’d use it.

The moment I opened the can I remembered why I hate this stuff.

It stinks.


Even outside.

And cleaning up oil-based products is a pain, so I decided to use a very inexpensive brush…one that I didn’t mind tossing when I was through.

Just as I opened the can I had a moment of self-doubt. Was I sure I wanted to paint the rim joists white?

I mean, I knew I had planned on attaching white lattice under the porch, but what if it staining the rim joists and the lattice the same color as the deck would look better?

But no…that would mean using wood lattice, and I did NOT want wood lattice.

I hate it when that happens. When I’m about to start something and I think I know what I want, but then suddenly…I’m not sure and I find myself second guessing. The only thing worse than having that happen as I’m starting a project is having it happen when I’m in the middle of one.

After a lengthy “yes-I’m-talking-to-myself-out-loud-like-a-crazy-person” debate, I decided to go with the original plan.

And now I’m glad I did.

Yeah, I know my landscaping looks like crap.

That’s what happens when I spend zero time out there during the spring because I don’t want to do anything until the porch is built.

I’ll get around to that sometime next week…or the week after…if I can somehow get rid of the two wasps that survived my sneak attack and who are now dive-bombing my front door like¬†kamikaze pilots.

Good thing I’ve got another whole can of unopened spray.

I’m going to need it.

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