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Run, Forrest, Run!!!

June 14, 2011

In case you haven’t noticed, we built a new front porch.

And it has become THE place to hang out…

…for spiders.

Ugh. Double Ugh. Triple Ugh accompanied by a full-body shudder.

I’m sorry…but those crawlies creep me out to the extent that I couldn’t even bring myself to snap a picture of one.

I can, however, reveal to you the cheapest, easiest, and most surefire way I’ve found to get rid of them…

Now if you’re wondering why my trusty outdoor broom is lying across my new porch instead of being neatly put away with all my other outdoor tools…

It’s because of this…

As I was brushing away the creepy spiders and webs, a hoard of these flying beasts came swarming out from behind one of the shutters, and I did the only thing I knew to do…

I ran.

I dropped my broom and I ran.

And now I’m afraid to go back on the porch. (I did, however, gather up the guts to poke my head out the front door and snap of photo of my broom. I’m just too afraid to actually step back onto the porch to get it.)


Love the summer. Hate the bugs.

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