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Cerebral Stew

June 13, 2011

The calendar around here is totally whacked.  Christmas arrived in March and July rolled in at the end of May.

So instead of working outside on “it’s-only-a-little-hot” June days, I’ve been outside melting on days that are so hot your brain will boil in its own fluids. After a couple hours you don’t have a brain at all, you’ve got cerebral stew.

Thanks to the sunglasses I haven’t been able to live without, my face looks like this…

But I suppose a case of raccoon eyes is a small price to pay for having a chance to work on my summer tan…

I’m not complaining. Really I’m not. I dig dirt…no pun intended (well, maybe a small pun was intended because that’s all it was…a small pun). And I’m very very lucky that this landscaping job literally fell into my lap. It wasn’t the most visually exciting landscaping I’ve ever done, but it was exactly what the homeowner wanted. If he’s happy, I’m happy. Great news is he wants me to do a few more things for him, and his neighbors have approached me about some plantings around their bay windows. Woo hoo.

But right now I’m taking a few days off to spend some time with the kids now that school’s let out for the summer.

You can only get away with pink swimming goggles if you’re five.

Did you know that pool water has magical properties? You can take two kids who can’t spend five minutes together without nuclear war erupting, throw them in the community pool and they can play for hours without a “Mom! He/she touched me!”.

In addition to discovering the magic of pool water, this weekend I also discovered that Mr. Video will do just about anything for a dollar…

…including pulling out a tooth that wasn’t really quite ready to be pulled out. (Excuse the really crappy photo…I took it last night around 10 pm with my camera phone.)

Was it loose? Yeah…a little. And I watched him wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and wiggle it some more. Maybe he’s prepping for a future in dentistry…dunno. What I know is 24 hours ago that tooth barely moved. Gotta admire the kid’s tenacity.

I wish I had that kind of tenacity. I’ve still got a list about five miles long of projects I want to finish, the first on the list being the front porch.

I’ll have details on that forthcoming.

In the meantime, I hope you found a little time between projects to beat the heat and discover the magic of water.

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