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Going, Going, Nearly Gone

March 28, 2011

For Christmas Santa brought me something I’d long wished for…a smartphone. (I guess he realized I was due for a free upgrade.)

I love it more than I ever thought possible.

It reminds me about things my faulty brain has forgotten. It provides convenient access to important info even when I’m on the run and away from my desktop. It’s helped my fourth grader finally learn his multiplication tables. It’s entertained me while waiting for dance classes to end.

I never realized what an integral part of my everyday life it would become.

And I certainly never realized that I some point I would blog with it.

And yet that is exactly what I’m doing right at this moment.

Not just ‘cuz I can. Not just ‘cuz I’m in the midst of a fundraiser committee meeting that’s lasted about twice as long as it should have, and if I weren’t blogging I’d be screaming because I really don’t see why it’s necessary to spend thirty five minutes discussing what recipe should be used to cook the potatoes for the upcoming bbq chicken fundraiser.

I’m mobile blogging because my desktop has suddenly started making a very odd whining sound. It may be the fan, it may be the hard drive, but whatever it is it’s going, going, nearly gone.

And of course…despite the fact that I know better…I haven’t backed up my hard drive in months.

To say that I’m more than a bit worried would not do my fear level justice.

So bear with me while I deal with my tech issues.

I’ll be back with some updated info about our front porch rebuild as well as the dresser I’ve been trying to drag out of 1970 something into the new millenium.

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