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Something To Make The Hubster Say…

March 16, 2011


If you caught my post on Monday, I said I was going to do something that would make The Hubster say “WTH?!?!”

I said I was sorely tempted to toss Lulu’s dresser and armoire into the yard.

Well…the armoire is still in place…for now.

But the dresser…the old ugly dresser that was covered in some plastic-y stuff that looked like wood but wasn’t wood…the dresser that I sanded and sanded and sanded and then primed and painted for her nursery because our unexpected miracle required that the entire room be done on a shoe-string budget…that dresser…

….is now on our back porch.

And when The Hubster arrived home from work our conversation went something like this…

HUB:   WTH are you doing?

ME:      Rearranging Lulu’s room.

HUB:   Why did you take the dresser out?

ME:      Because I have a plan.

HUB:   A plan for what?

ME:      A plan to build her a daybed with a trundle and some storage units for hanging and folded clothes.

HUB:   You need to put it back.

ME:      There’s no room.

HUB:   Make room. A bedroom is supposed to have a dresser.

ME:      Yeah…well a bedroom is supposed to have a closet too but she doesn’t have one of those either.

Needless to day, the dresser is still on the back porch. When it comes to house stuff, I generally get my way. If you saw my post about the awful paint he picked out for the laundry room years and years ago, you understand why.

The Hubster is very very handy, but he’s definitely decor challenged.

So this how the dresser looked after I painted it way back in 2005…

It worked well in the room when Lulu slept in a crib. It worked well in the room when she slept in a toddler bed.

It does not work well in a room that houses a this girl…

…who is 50 inches tall and weighs 73 pounds. (We don’t call her Amazon Baby for nothing…by the time she starts kindergarten in the fall she’ll be bigger than most second graders.)

Despite the fact that The Hubster and I disagree completely about Lulu’s need for the dresser, we don’t disagree that it should and will be used to bless someone else.

A friend of ours lost his home to fire several months ago. It was a total loss. What wasn’t burned beyond recognition was damaged by smoke and water.

He was left with nothing but the clothes on his back and his car.

And now here’s my public service announcement…if you own a home, get with your insurance agent and make sure that your policy will cover your losses. ALL your losses.

If you rent, get with your agent to go over your renter’s policy. And if you don’t have a renter’s policy…get one. Now.

Fire can happen to anyone…anywhere…anytime.

And if you find yourself standing in the cold with nothing but the clothes on your back, it will help to know that you’re covered.

Our friend wasn’t.

He had a policy, but it hadn’t been updated in years.  The gap between his coverage and what he needs to replace is HUGE.

Which is why ten months after his fire he still doesn’t have a dresser for his bedroom.

So the girly-girl dresser is about to receive a make-over…one suited for a grown man.

So stay tuned…more details are forthcoming.



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