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What’s Behind Door #2?

March 14, 2011

In case you were wondering what lies behind this door in my laundry room…

It’s this….

This is Lulu’s room after a Friday night sleepover (why do we call them sleepovers when nobody sleeps?) that resembled two mini-but-very-destructive-tornadoes and my vain attempt this morning to restore order and rearrange her furniture to give her a little more play space.

Small room + big bed + too much furniture + too many Barbies  = mom curled into a fetal position in the corner sucking her thumb

After about 40 minutes I gave up and walked away.

I can’t take it.

And my self-diagnosed ADD kicked in.

Because despite the fact that I’m in the middle of a laundry room makeover, I’ve spent the last hour dreaming of building a twin daybed with a trundle (for those sleepovers where nobody sleeps) with storage towers on each side.

I’ve dreaming of tossing the armoire that was perfect for baby Lulu but is too darn small for 5 year old Lulu into the yard (along with the behemoth dresser and the full size bed).

And right now I’m wondering just WTH The Hubster was thinking when he bought this place. Oh…never mind…he was single then and tiny closets and only one full bath did not concern him.


Okay…I’m done with my whining.

For now.

I’d really like to finish my laundry room. I’d really like to build the roll-out cabinet that would fit perfectly between my 15 year old dryer and the wall and put in the ironing center above it. I’d really like to build new shelves and a pantry closet and storage cabinets that unlike that cheap store-bought MDF ones won’t sway every time you brush against them.


I said I was done whining…I didn’t say I was done screaming.

Stay tuned…this ADD mom is about to do something that will have The Hubster asking me just WTH was I thinking?

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