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I Promised I Wouldn’t Build…

March 10, 2011

I promised The Hubster I wouldn’t build anything this week.

I didn’t promise I wouldn’t cut.

And this spot on my laundry room wall is crying out to be removed…

…to make room for a recessed ironing center.

So what’s stopping me? (It isn’t the promise…I promise.)

It’s this…

Yet another example of my champagne taste on a tap water budget.

There are other models out there…less expensive models. But this baby’s got all the bells and whistles…swivel board, hot iron storage, automatic timer for power shut off, LED spotlight, ironing accessory storage (to hold the one bottle of spray starch I have!).  This baby’s got bling!

Obviously there is no way on God’s green earth I can afford this thing.

I could order a stripped down model…but that means doing without the swivel board and all the other things I adore about this center, and a stripped down model will still run me about 200 bucks.

So I’m thinking…maybe I could build a center. I mean, the framing, the shelves, the backing…not a problem. Cutting out a big hole and putting in a couple of 2×4’s between the studs for support…not a problem.

But I need the hardware for the board. So I’m diligently searching.

So just be aware…this is a project that will get done. And it’s going to get done on a budget that’s affordable for my skinny little wallet.

I’ll keep you posted…

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