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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

February 24, 2011


You’ve heard me go on and on and on about this darn laundry basket shelf of mine.

The one that’s sitting on my screened in back porch awaiting its final touches.

The one for which I’ve been searching for reasonably priced baskets.

This morning a friend of mine sent me an email telling me she found the “perfect” baskets for me.  She gave me a link to an online catalog and told me which page to check out.

So I did exactly that.

And I almost crapped on myself.

These are my friend’s idea of the perfect basket…

(Excuse the crappy photo I snatched from the Internet.)

I mean…are you freakin’ serious?!?!?!?!?

This basket might have the perfect dimensions…but NINETY DOLLARS!!! (Pardon me for shouting but I’m shocked, people. I mean, seriously seriously shocked.)

I was sure that I must have misread the catalog. I was sure that for this price I would be getting at least three baskets.

But NO!!!!

I’m thinking…I just want to buy the basket. I don’t want to buy the third world village where it was probably made.

And if I want a liner to go in it? How about an additional twenty-six bucks? That brings the total for ONE basket with ONE liner to one hundred sixteen dollars. And that doesn’t include sales tax or shipping.

One hundred sixteen dollars!!!

If I were to order four baskets with four liners, that would bring my cost (before shipping and taxes) to…drum roll please….

Four hundred sixty four dollars!!!

I can buy a new washer for that price!!!

Forgive me for ranting this morning, everyone. I’m just shocked. I’m completely shocked and freaked out and well…shocked!!!

I’m shocked that this company would actually try to charge such an outrageous amount. I’m shocked my friend would actually think that this could be the “perfect” basket for me. I mean, crap. Even if I wasn’t unemployed and we weren’t broke, she knows we starting doing Dave last year and that we’re digging our way out of debt. I’m going to assume she hadn’t had her second cup of coffee before she sent me this email. I’m going to assume she didn’t have her reading glasses on and therefore didn’t see the price on the damn thing.

And if you happen to be a consultant for this company, please don’t leave any nasty comments or comments trying to explain why this basket costs ninety bucks. You can’t justify it to me. And BTW, I love your company’s stuff. I even own some of it. Lulu loves her personalized backpack. I adore the zippered bags she and Mr. Video carry their toiletries in for overnights. But I have never and will never buy a ninety dollar basket!

So…the search continues.

And if you happen to know where I can find a basket with these dimensions for a reasonable price…please please please leave a comment.

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