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The Miracle Pasta Salad Cure

February 24, 2011

Thirteen days ago I created this post in which I commented that if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

This week I planned to finish my laundry basket shelf.

Obviously God (or the universe or the fates or whatever term you prefer to use) had other plans for me.

I planned to finish trim and paint.

God planned for me to spend the better part of the weekend and most of the week huddled on the couch, alternately shaking with cold and sweating with fever, and just generally being as miserable as I could possibly be.

And as much as I love The Hubster…he’s no Florence Nightingale.

And I, being the pitiful excuse for a human being that I’ve been, really really really wanted my mommy.

I wanted someone to lay a cool hand on my forehead. I wanted someone to take my temperature and bring me cold drinks and urge me to eat even when I didn’t feel like it. I wanted someone to tell me it was okay that the laundry was piling up and the dishes were piling up and the dust was piling up.

I wanted someone to tell me it was okay that I couldn’t kiss my kids good night or tuck them into bed.

And though my mom wasn’t available to do these things for me (though she would have had I bothered to call her and tell her I was sick), God provided me the next best thing.


Every woman should have a friend like mine.

One who risks her own personal health and well-being to bring you cold pasta salad. One who sits on the couch with you and watches really bad reality TV and fetches the Advil and freshens your drink and demonstrates to your husband what proper sick person care really is.

So…now that I’m finally off the couch, I want to say it here where the whole world can read it…


I appreciate everything she is and does. And though we don’t always agree and we don’t always see eye to eye and sometimes we even get on each other’s nerves, I couldn’t ask for a better or truer friend.

And trust me…when you get to be my age (which is a another funny story about my BFFWWW that I’ll share some other time)…you realize how few true friends you’ll make in this life. And that knowledge makes you treasure them even more.

So here’s to my BFFWWW…a damn good friend and maker of the awesome flu-curing pasta salad.

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