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He Loves Me…

February 14, 2011

I’ve often made that comment that you know I love the The Hubster because I haven’t rented the wood chipper yet. (If you haven’t seen Fargo, you may not get that reference…and somebody should have told that guy that there are other – much less messy – options for resolving marital difficulties.)

I strongly suspect (though I have no real proof) that The Hubster often (quite often) feels exactly the same.

But I know he loves me.

And sometimes he even listens to me.

Lately I’ve been complaining (big surprise there!) about my bathroom rugs. The ones I’ve had for several years have begun to shed their rubber backing like a double-coated dog sheds fur in the spring.

And today…being Valentine’s Day…The Hubster and I (being the incurable romantics that we are) exchanged gifts.

Three guesses what he got me? (First two don’t count!)

You got it!

Bath rugs!!! (I told you we were incurable romantics!)

Never mind that they’re the wrong shade of red. Never mind that they’re not the kind of soft, fluffy rugs I’d have chosen. Never mind that he told me I could return them if I didn’t like them or that I will be doing exactly that.

He listened to me!

He heard my cry, and he responded.

Man, I love that dude.

I got him a heart-shaped box of M&M’s.

Now is it just me, or would you have expected that this pretty little heart would be filled with green M&M’s? (And if you don’t know the significance of green M&M’s, check this out.)

Imagine my disappointment when he opened his heart and found…

…plain ol’ pink, red and white M&M’s.

Not a green one in the bunch.

Is that false advertising or what?

Fortunately I had a few other V-Day gifts for him as well, none of which I will share here (my dad might read this one day, and as far as he’s concerned, my children, like the baby Jesus, were the result of immaculate conception.)

We gave gifts to the kids, too, because in our minds Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, it’s about all kinds of love. Mr. Video got…big surprise!…a new game for his DS. Lulu got a pink purse and a dress-up tutu (which she put on and then promptly wore outside while digging in the dirt…that’s my girl!).

Tomorrow I’m going to get back to work on the laundry basket shelf of mine…

I promise! (I think)

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