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Time Marches On…

February 11, 2011

…and pretty soon you realize it’s marching all over the grand plans you’ve laid for yourself.

My #1 goal this week was to get my laundry basket shelf complete.

Who was it that said if you want to hear God laugh just tell him your plans?

Monday was spent doing our taxes.  Now I happen to be a weirdo, and taxes are something I enjoy doing. (Yeah, I’m a freak…I know.)

Tuesday…ugh…Tuesday. I don’t often get headaches, and rarely do I get one that three Advil taken on the run won’t cure. This one wiped me out. It felt like a ridiculously long ice pick had entered my right eye and shot straight through the back of my head where it made a sharp U-turn to jab back into the back of my head and exit through my left eye. I ate Advil like M&M’s. I slept with an ice pack across both eyes…for hours…in the middle of the day.

Wednesday had a schedule full of appointments that had to be kept, no matter how much I longed to be at home countersinking screws.

Thursday allowed me a small window to make a tiny tiny bit of progress on my project.

Friday I let Mr. Video skip school, and I took him and Lulu to the circus. (Feel free to nominate me for Responsible Parent of the Year Award.)

And if I had to sacrifice a day of building to see that look of awe on her face, it was SOOOOO worth it. (Her brother loved the circus as much as she did, he’s just hit the age where he’s become Mr. I’m-So-Cool.)

So…in a nutshell…not exactly the week of accomplishment I’d planned.

And once again…the weekend calendar is booked solid.

C’est la vie.

I’m putting my project in the #1 slot again next week.

Is it me…or do I hear deep, booming laughter?

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