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My BFFWWW Is A Stripper…

February 2, 2011

…of wallpaper that is.

Here she is in all her glory…

(And for those of you wondering what the heck a BFFWWW is, check out this post.)

I love this woman.

Not because she strips wallpaper…well, not only because she strips wallpaper…

While waiting for her to arrive, I tried out the wall color (some I had left from another project…but that’s another story), then patched some holes.  (Yeah, not the appropriate way to go about it, but I’m not known for following an orderly progression for much of anything.)

While she stripped, I patched more holes.

Then she patched some holes while I tried to repair the drywall job The Hubster had done years before.

In his defense (and mine also) doing drywall sucks. It takes lots of patience and lots of experience to do it and do it well. Neither he nor I have patience or experience when it comes to drywall.

Also in his defense, he was perturbed that he had to do it in the first place.

Way back when, many many moons before he and I met, my SIL was going through a nasty divorce and moved here from another state. The Hubster  suggested she crash with him until she could get on her feet. He figured it wouldn’t be a big deal…he traveled a lot with his job so they shouldn’t get in each other’s way too much.

Unfortunately, the SIL came with dogs. Dogs she kept in the house when he was away. Dogs she put in the laundry room during the day while she was at work. Dogs who destroyed the window sill, the doors, the drywall.

Needless to say, by the time I arrived on the scene and he felt like he needed to make those repairs to make the place more habitable, he was not a happy camper. He had to foot the bill for the supplies. He had to do the work.

And now, I had the opportunity to try my own hand at it.

Oh well…I needed some more drywall experience if I’m going to do those closets that are on my 2011 Home Goal list.

(On a happier note, my SIL is now remarried to a great guy and there are no more dogs in the laundry room.)

Anyway…there were quite a few holes.

Thirty four holes to be exact, plus a place above the window and a place above the door where settling caused the drywall to shift and crack a bit.

Scary, I know.

And the fact that I allowed that many holes to get put in the walls without spackling and repainting lets you know just how much I avoid this room.

This is what I now have on my hands….

I adore this wall color.  It’s a bit green, a bit gray, a bit brown. In other words, in my world it’s the perfect neutral. (My mom hates it, but I’ve seen the paint in her hallway and it’s not exactly my cup of color.)

The wall color here is called Pale Bamboo, and it’s a Behr paint. Love, love, love me some Behr paint. I know others swear by BM or SW or even Valspar, but if I’ve got to buy paint, I’ll drive right past all those other places to get to my local Orange.  The trim is also a Behr paint called Calla Lily. It’s on all the trim in my house, and I always have some on hand for touch ups.

Pale Bamboo

So…that’s where I stand as of right now.  I haven’t even begun to touch the walls behind the washer and dryer and upright freezer, because there’s only so much crap I can drag out of the laundry room and put in the kitchen at any given time.

So tune in tomorrow to see what’s coming up next…

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