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Be Careful What You Wish For…

February 1, 2011

I am so sick of winter.

Yesterday while writing about my home goals for 2011, I found myself wishing for spring. Wishing for some sunshine so that I could get outside and do something…anything…without putting on a hat, a coat, a scarf, and a pair of really good gloves.

Be careful what you wish for. Very. Very. Careful.

You just might get it.

And you just might find that the joy and unbridled optimism that inevitably comes with a suddenly sixty degree day in the dead of winter inspires you to do something stupid.

Something like calling your BFFWWW (best freakin’ friend in the whole wide world) and getting her to come over to help you move a very large, very unattractive shelving unit out of your overly-cluttered laundry room and into the shed where it should have been all along.

And once you do that…well……fuhgetaboutit.

Cuz it’s on.

Because somehow you’ve forgotten that that hideously ugly shelf hid something even more hideous…like some smashed-green-pea and you-think-it-was-supposed-be-terra-cotta-colored trim around the window.

And no matter how many times you tell yourself that those colors are NOT your fault…that you painted that woodwork way back in the day when your husband of ten years was still just your boyfriend (not even your fiancée)…that he selected the wall paper border and the paint colors from several choices offered to him…you have to face the nasty, grueling truth.

You allowed that monstrosity to happen. You who knew better.  You who didn’t need a designer or HGTV or the DIY Network or your best friend to tell you it was seriously seriously seriously ugly.

But you did it anyway…because he liked it.

(What can I say?  Love will make you do all sorts of stupid stuff…including put pea green and terra cotta paint in a house…anyone’s house. For those of you who love these colors and have them in your house, please forgive me. I’m sure at your place, used as part of your own unique style, it’s bee-you-tee-full. Here, in my place, with my style, it’s just fugly.)

So after the kids were in bed, I trudged right back out to that shed, brought back into the house about half the stuff I  put out there just a few hours before, and I got to work.

And I discovered Reason #367 why I don’t hang wallpaper.

I spent the better part of two hours trying to peel the vinyl layer from one very small section of border. It came off all right…in pieces the size of pennies.

I did, however, finally get all the vinyl off. I soaked the paper backing, and, thankfully, it scraped off without a problem. Then I scrubbed the remaining glue from the wall.

Then I called my BFFWWW (who also happens to be the Wallpaper Queen) and asked her could she come over the next day and pull down the rest of that ugly border.

I think I cried when she said she would.

I love that woman.

Tune in tomorrow for my report on her progress with my fugly border.

Until then…

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