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You Say You Want A Resolution….

January 31, 2011

…well you know…we all want to change the world…

Yeah…I’ve got Beatles on the brain this morning…

And yeah…I know they’re singing about revolution, not resolution…but between the crappy cold weather and the winter blahs I just don’t have the energy for a revolution…

Hell, it’s taken me a month to come up with my New Years resolutions…although I refuse to think of them as resolutions.

In my mind, resolutions are promises you make to yourself on New Year’s Eve …you’re going to quit smoking, lose weight, get organized…but inevitably, by mid-February (mid-March at the latest) you’ve tossed out all those grand plans and you’re back to the same ol’ same ol’ you.  Still smoking, still voluptuous, still can’t find your keys 90% of the time…

So instead of resolutions, I’m setting goals for the new year.

And here…drum roll please…is my list of 2011 Goals…

  1. Do something about that damn laundry room of mine.
    It’s ugly, it’s cluttered, it’s anything but organized.  I’m not that keen on wash, dry, fold, repeat, repeat, repeat anyway, and that laundry room does nothing to inspire me.
  2. Expand the closet in the master bedroom.
    I’m seriously considering writing a country music song called I Love My Home But Hate My House.  The renovated farmhouse I live in came as part of a package deal…I got the hubby, and the house came with him.  He said, and I quote, “The only way I’m coming off this land is in a pine box.” At the time, it didn’t seem like such a bad deal. Ten years, two kids, and multiple marital and household aggravations later…let’s just say he’s lucky I love him to pieces…otherwise there’s not telling what I might be willing to do to get a decent closet and a master bath.
  3. Expand the closet in Jacob’s room.
    Refer to item #2 for explanation. I’m not the only one in the house lacking storage.
  4. Build Jordan a bed and lots of built-ins for storage.
    One of the fabulous things about our renovated farmhouse is that while we don’t have a lot of rooms, the ones we do have are very spacious…all except Jordan’s room. Her room is average, and she’s a girl with above-average Barbie crap.  I made the mistake a putting a full size bed in there when she outgrew her toddler bed, and it’s just not working.  What she needs is a daybed with a trundle for sleep-overs, and lots of storage (for the above mentioned Barbies and Barbie clothes and Barbie accessories and Barbie cars and…well, you get the picture).
  5. Redo the master bedroom.
    I’ve got a gorgeous cherry bedroom suite that was handed down to us. Unfortunately, it’s much too traditional for my taste, and I don’t care for the color.  I want to strip and restain all the pieces, repaint the room, find new bedding and curtains and accessories. This is the only room that in the house that I haven’t touched, and it’s still got the boring beige paint that the entire house was painted in the day I moved in. Say it with me…yuck!!!
  6. Do something about the corner base cabinets in the kitchen.
    I don’t know what the previous owner was thinking when he installed these cabinets. They’re so deep that you can’t get to the stuff in the back corner, they’ve got awkward access, and basically they’re just a big waste of what should be ample storage space. I’ve been pondering these cabinets for oh-about-ten-years-now, and other than ripping out the entire kitchen (which is so not in my budget this year) I’m at a loss.

There are a LOT more things I’d love to do around this place, but I just don’t have the budget to build the wood working shop out back or put in the pool and the outdoor kitchen with an attached entertaining patio and fire pit or add a master suite with a jacuzzi tub and shower built for two. For now I’ll concentrate on what I can do.

However, even the small goals I’ve set require money. Money for studs, money for drywall, money for paint and stain and bedding and all the other things that go along with any given project. And frankly, our budget is tight. I don’t mind it being tight…not really. We don’t lack for anything that really matters, and over the last thirteen months we’ve learned to be creative, and we’ve learned that we don’t have to have everything that catches our eye. And since it doesn’t seem that we’re going to win the lottery or the hubster’s going to get a giant raise, I’ve got to find a way to squeeze those little Abe Lincoln’s until they scream instead of just whimpering.

So…another goal I’ve set for myself is becoming even more frugal with the grocery budget.  So goal #8 for 2011 is…become a krazy coupon lady. I’ve never been big on coupons, but when I read about moms who feed their families on $50 or $75 dollars a week…well, I know I’m just spending way too much of the hubster’s hard-earned dollars at the grocery store.

And. It. Stops. Now.

I figure if I leave my grocery budget at its current level but spend less, then I can set aside all those extra pennies for studs and drywall and stain and paint and fabric and all the things that really really really turn me on.

And lastly, but not leastly, goal #9 is…be a better domestic diva.

I don’t enjoy housework. Nobody in their right mind does. But I do enjoy the way my house looks when it’s clean and organized and decluttered. It feels peaceful and homey and welcoming.

I know, I know…there’s no trick to keeping a clean house except to clean it. There’s no way to organize stuff without actually organizing it. Like all my other projects, it just requires that I put my hands on it and do it.

Oh boy.

I. Can’t. Wait.

(I guess ya’ll can tell how excited I am by the way I suddenly ended this post and ran into the kitchen to unload the dishwasher and sweep and mop, huh?)

This, like all my projects, requires a plan.

A plan that I can follow to keep this place looking like humans live here and not a large group of very dirty, undomesticated farm animals.

A plan I don’t have yet.

So stay tuned.

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